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  1. Oil and Lube
    With a large in ground service pit, we are able to do oil and lube service under a great variety of vehicles. The door opening and pit construction allow us to work on large motor homes and even fire trucks or other large service vehicles.
  2. Diagnostic
    We can perform diagnostic and troubleshooting of most vehicles and systems.
  3. Electrical
    With state of the art battery charging equipment and advanced digital meters, we can analyze and service your charging and starting systems. We also currently carry AC Delco batteries for many makes and models.
  4. Alignment
    Using our Hunter Alignment Center, we can correct the alignment of a large number of vehicle types.
  5. Tires
    We can install and balance a wide variety of tires and wheels.
  6. Miscellaneous
    Whether you have a pressure washer, motorcycle, go kart, lawnmower or any type of machine our years of experience of knowledge allow us to solve your problems.
  7. Air Conditioning
    We can work on all of your air conditioning and heating needs for most makes and models.